How to get to Pörtschach

About Pörtschach

View of Pörtschach (© Pörtschach Information)

Pörtschach is situated in southern Austria, in the province of Carinthia (Kärnten or Koroška in the local languages), about 15 km west of the provincial capital Klagenfurt and approximately 330 km south-west of Vienna, Austria’s capital city. Pörtschach is a well-known holiday resort on one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes (Wörther See).


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How to get to Pörtschach

…by Plane

Airports nearby:

Vienna Airport (transfer time 3 hours)

There are two ways to reach Klagenfurt and Pörtschach from Vienna Airport:

By train: There are Railjet trains every two hours operated by Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) from Vienna Airport train station to Klagenfurt (and onwards to Pörtschach. You need to change trains at Vienna main station (Wien Hauptbahnhof), the connecting train usually arrives on the same platform.

By bus: From Vienna Airport transfer to Wien Erdberg VIB (Vienna International Bus Terminal) and then continue on Flixbus to Klagenfurt.

Ljubljana Airport (transfer time 1.5 hours)

Graz Airport (transfer time 1.5 hours)

Take the bus from Graz to Klagenfurt: ÖBB Intercitybus.

You may also arrive at Salzburg Airport (transfer time 2 hours), Munich Airport (3.5 hours), or Venice Aiport (2.5 hours).

…by Train

Pörtschach train station is served by InterCity-Trains. The suburban railway line S1 additionally runs every half hour between Klagenfurt and Villach.

ÖBB – Austrian Federal Railways (there is an online timetable on their site)

…by Bus

There is a scheduled bus services from Vienna to Klagenfurt: Flixbus

Bus service from Graz to Klagenfurt: ÖBB Intercitybus

…by Car

Pörtschach is also easily accesible by car via the Austrian “A2” motorway, exit Pörtschach.

From Slovenia, take the Karawanken-Tunnel/Predor Karavanke to Villach/Beljak or the Loiblpass/Ljubelj to Klagenfurt/Celovec. From Villach or Klagenfurt, take the A2 to Pörtschach.
From Italy, go to Villach/Villacco and continue on the A2 to Pörtschach.
From Germany, drive via Salzburg on the A10 motorway to Villach, from there continue on the A2 to Pörtschach.
From Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia go to Vienna and from there follow the A2 to Pörtschach.
From Hungary, either go to Vienna or Graz and follow the A2 to Pörtschach.