Brahms Competition 2024

Dear participants and friends of the Brahms Competition,

The 2024 competition will be held in piano, violin, and chamber music, from September 1st to 8th.

The programme will be announced at the beginning of 2024. As a guide, you can find the programme of past competitions here. – 2023 (Piano, Violin), 2021 (Chamber music)

The registration portal will open in April.



Prizewinners of the 29th Johannes Brahms Competition




1st place: Jana Jakovljevic

2nd place: Emrik Revermann

3rd place: Yue-Xin Pei


1st place: Yo Kitamura

2nd place: Arne Zeller

3rd place: Theresa Laun


1st place: Uram Kim

2nd place: Tetiana Donets

3rd place: Kohei Taruya

Prize of the public

Theresa Laun


Yo Kitamura: special prize for the best interpretation of the contemporary compulsory piece, donated by the composer Dr. Johannes Kropfitsch.

Jana Jakovljevic and Yo Kitamura, received the concert invitation to SMETANA SAAL in Prague, for May 4, 2024. Johannes Brahms Double Concerto in A minor for violin and cello, donated by Soondeog Kwon of IMK VIENNA.

Tetjana Donets, invitation to a concert in Tokyo, donated by Yuki Miyagi.

Uram Kim: Invitation by Johannes Kropfitsch to a concert at MOZ ART in Gloggnitz.


The following participants have reached the semifinals (in alphabetical order):


  • Giménez Cerdó Jorge
  • Haas Eduard
  • Kitamura Yo
  • Laun Theresa
  • Lee Youbien
  • Midor Fryderyk
  • Park So Yoen
  • Śmietańska Konstancja
  • Szopa Szymon
  • Wang Yung-Tzu
  • Wrona Antoni
  • Zeller Arne


  • Chang Chiachuan
  • Donets Tetiana
  • Haismann Julie
  • Hioki Hitomi
  • Kang Hyojoo
  • Katsurahara Hiroshi
  • Kim Uram
  • Liu Pinxin
  • Nakamoto Yui
  • Park Sang Ah
  • Pichlbauer Florian
  • Sato Motohiro
  • Taruya Kohei
  • Weber Matteo


  • Auer Katharina
  • Einenkel Robert
  • Gybel Annissa K.
  • Ivanyan Arevik
  • Jakovljevic Jana
  • Kim Chaewon
  • Pei Yue-Xin
  • Revermann Emrik
  • Ruseva Yoanna
  • Siles Mellinger Andreas
  • Son Jisu
  • Toschev Leonard

Update: Prize money 2023

This year, the first prize winners in the cello and violin categories will also receive an invitation to a concert in Prague’s Smetana Hall to perform the Brahms Double Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra with the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

In addition, a special prize of Euro 500,- will be awarded for the best interpretation of the Toccata, donated by the composer.

The first prize winner in the piano category will receive an invitation to moz art in Gloggnitz.

For more information see the prize-page for the Johannes Brahms Competition 2023.