Update Competition 2021


The regulations for this year’s competition are being worked on and will be published online soon. In general, no major changes are planned, but for the

Viola, however, the Sonata for Viola and Piano by Johannes Kropfitsch will have to be prepared as a compulsory piece in the 1st round. The sheet music for it can be downloaded here.

The work is not to be presented in its entirety. You can choose:  movements 1, 2 and 3 or movements 3, 4 and 5.

In preparation, the composer Johannes Kropfitsch has provided a video of the piano part as a playalong.
Write to info@brahmscompetition.org and we will send you a link.

Furthermore, Johannes Kropfitsch has agreed to personally provide the piano accompaniment for the competition! We thank him very much!

Prize money

Viola, Cello, Song

First prize: EUR 3000.-
Second prize: EUR 1500.-
Third prize: EUR 750.-

Best song accompaniment

EUR 1500

Chamber Music

First prize: EUR 4000
Second Prize: EUR 2000.-
Third prize: EUR 1000