Prizewinners 2020


The prizewinner’s concert will take place on Sunday, 9th 5pm at the Casineum Velden.


1st place: Adam Koch Christensen  

2nd place: Chiara Sannicandro

3rd place: Jiaqi Lu


1st place: Takehiro Konoe

2nd place: Momoko Aritomi

3rd place: Emiko Yuasa


1st place: Ettore Pagano

2nd place: Jaromir Kostka

3rd place: Jeongheon Nam


1st place: Misaki Morino  

2nd place: Sofia Pavone

3rd place: Hongyu Chen

Best voice accompanist

Yuto Kiguchi

Special awards

ESTA award

Maria Sotriffer and Erik Mayr

Special prize of the Johannes Brahms Society

Erik Mayr

Special prize by Johannes Kropfitsch for the best presentation of the modern compulsory piece “Toccata” from the Cello Sonata by Johannes Kropfitsch

Jeongheon Nam

Prize of the public

Chiara Sannicandro