Prizewinners 2018


1st Place: Eva Zavaro

2nd Place: Maine Nishiyama

3rd Place: Julia Turnovsky

Chamber Music

1st Place: Duo Maestro, Andrey Baranenko, Alexey Zhilin

2nd Place: Arcon Trio, Julius Asal, David Marquard, Janis Marquard

3rd Place: Atalante Quartett, Elisabeth Eber, Thomas Koslowsky, Julia Maria Kürner, Lisa Kürner


1st Place: Mamikon Nakhapetov

2nd Place: Hiroyuki Kawashiri

3rd Place: Maximilian Kromer


1st Place: Luca Giovannini and Alexey Zhilin (equally placed)

3rd Place: Sul Yoon

Concerts of competition participants in Japan 2018

In 2018 several former price winners of the Johannes Brahms Competitiors are invited to play concerts in Japan.

  • Johannes Marcel Kits, winner of the cello competition in 2016, will be playing a concert in Tokyo in February 2018, as well as one in Utsunomiya.
  • The duo YUI Kasumi (piano) and PARK Soo-Hyun (violin), winners of the chamber music in 2016, will give a concert in Utsunomiya in May.
  • Belle Ting, second in the Violin competition in 2017, was invited to Japan for a concert in December 2018.